Travis FromLongville


A little about me

My Granddaddy never had much use for self-mythologizing and the such. Toward the end of his 800 page memoir he wrote “Ainʼt nothinʼ a man can tell me ʻbout hisself I canʼt find out by rummaging through his shit.” I never did find out whether Granddaddy was being literal or not as he died shortly there after of the dysentery. So, in his honor (Iʼm using his old typewriter after all), Iʼm gonna keep this short. And then Iʼm gonna go give my hands a proper washing.

Travis FromLongville is from Longville, Louisiana. He attended some school. In his second attempt at fourth grade he led his tee-ball team to the quarter finals where his late inning home-run helped soften the blow of the 14-1 defeat they suffered at the hands of the Louisiana School for the Deaf.

A bonafide voice of his generation (meaning that his vocal chords work and he is part of an age group), Travis seeks to make fun of people for being different while uniting us as a whole. From the topicality of losing a girl, to the specifics of the housing- market crash, to the joy of illegal immigration, Travisʼs genre-defying routine melds the topics of today with good olʼ boy realism, the raunch of Redd Foxx and the heart of… Well, there ainʼt a lot of heart in the comedy circuit so letʼs say Mother Theresa. The raunch of Mother Theresa and the heart of Redd Foxx. Wait, flip those,thatʼs Travis. His stand-up can be seen, and he is currently disease free.

A little about the show

Travis FromLongvilleʼs show usually involves a microphone, a stage, trenchant political commentary, a dystopian dissection of modern societal mores and, quite often, pants. Itʼs like HeeHaw on acid, ineffable southern comedy thatʼll have you and yours and them and theirs questioning yʼalls core concepts of humanity.

I hope you enjoy watching as much as I performing